3 Simple types of cake decorations to use on your cake

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When you bake a delicious, moist cake in your kitchen;sometimes you don’t want to eat it plain. You would like that cake with a delicious frosting covering it to enhance, compliment and flavor your cake.Cake decorations also make a cake not only taste good; but they also look good as well.

There are various types of cake decorations used in the baking world; today we will only cover three simple ones you can choose to start with, especially if you’re new at cake decoration.

Buttercream Frosting

There are various types of buttercream frostings that can be used; the easiest to make and most popularly used is – American Buttercream.This is made of icing sugar, butter (or margarine), flavoring and sometimes a bit of liquid. There are many variations of the recipe that can be found online. Click here for one version of the American Buttercream frosting. It is preferred by most bakers because it is easy to use for both spreading and decorations (e.g. piping borders, flowers, etc.) You can also color it very easily with different types of food colors. It’s also very economical to use and the ingredients are easily found. The disadvantage when it comes to this particular frosting is when you need to display a cake outside, especially if the temperatures outside are high. It has a tendency to melt due to the use of fat in the recipe.

Royal Icing

This type of cake decoration is made with icing sugar, fresh egg whites and flavor (lemon juice is usually preferred to mask the smell of eggs). You can also use meringue powder in place of fresh egg whites for food safety purposes. This type of icing hardens completely when the cake is decorated and sets for a period of time. It can be used to spread on a cake, as well as for elaborate piping designs and flowers as well. It can be colored; just be careful of the quantity of food color used; too much might change the consistency of the icing. This type of icing can be made into different types of consistencies (e.g. Flooding consistency – more like a glaze or Stiff consistency – stiffer and easier to spread on a cake’s surface). This type of icing can withstand high temperatures since it doesn’t contain any fat and once it sets, the surface hardens. One disadvantage, when you use fresh eggs, is the tendency to have a slight ‘raw egg’ smell – but one can use meringue powder to reduce the smell. Royal Icing requires a baker to practice working with it a few times before becoming comfortable using it – this is usually due to how fast it sets and dries up. Click here for a simple royal icing recipe.

Cream Frosting

There are two variations of these types of cake decoration you can use. The first is Fresh Cream Frosting; this contains fresh cream,icing sugar and a flavor. You can purchase double or whipping cream sold in supermarkets. This is the original cream frosting that is used on cakes such as Black or White Forrest cakes or just regular sponge cakes. This type of frosting can be a bit unstable depending on the weather and freshness of the cream being used. This is because the cream has a tendency to curdle if not fresh or separate into butter and buttermilk when over-whipped. Cream frosting is also a bit difficult to color as well, due to its stability.

The other type of cream frosting is Non-Dairy Cream frosting; you can use this as a substitute for Fresh Cream Frosting. This is a ready-to-use product that can be used as it is or one can add a bit of icing sugar or cream – depending on the use. This type of frosting just needs to be chilled for a few hours and you can then use it by whipping it in a bowl with a whisk or mixer until it triples in volume. It’s then ready to use on your cake.It’s a very stable type of frosting and can be colored easily as well.Different brands of the Non-dairy topping are available, e.g. Puratos Whippak,Ambiante, Pristine, etc.

If you’re just getting started in cake decoration; start with the above cake decorations for delicious and beautiful cakes.

All the best and happy baking.

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