3 Ways to use Colour Melts in your Cake Decoration projects

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As bakers, we're always looking for inspiration to decorate our cakes, cupcakes and/or cake pops in various ways.

One way you can make cake decoration easier and much more fun is by using colour melts. These are colorful buttons that are perfect for melting, coating, dipping and decoration. You can check below for three ways you can use them in your cake decorating.

1. Use colour melts to mould candies

You can microwave some colour melts and use them in a mould to create different colored candies. You can then place these moulded candies on your cake for decoration.

What you'll need:

* A silicone chocolate mould

* Rainbow Dust Colour Melts (any colour of your choice)

Directions: - Microwave the colour melts until they melt; you can start with 100 gms for about 45 to 55 seconds. Stir to make sure they're completely melted.

- Pour the melts into the silicon mould and let it set for about an hour or you can chill in the fridge for 20 - 30 minutes.

- Use them to garnish your decorated cake or cupcake.

Click here for a short video on how to create the candies.

2. Use colour melts to dip and decorate your cake pops

You can choose different coloured melts to  dip and decorate your cake pops.

What you'll need:

* Rainbow dust Colour melts - 100 to 200 gms

* A deep plastic cup or container - for dipping

* 8 to 12 Cake Pops prepared

Directions: - Microwave the melts for about one minute until they are completely melted. For a slightly thinner and runny consistency, add a teaspoon or two of vegetable oil into the melts and stir. You can now dip the cake pops and leave them to set. You can pack or serve them as they are, you can also coat them with sprinkles or some color dust.

Click here for a short video tutorial on how to decorate the cake pops.

3. Use Colour Melts to decorate cake slices

You can also choose to drizzle a little bit of the colour melts onto a cake slice ready to serve or cake pops as well.

*You'll need a piping bag with a small round tip (e.g. no. 3) or a disposable piping bag with a small hole cut-out at the ends

* Pour some of the melts into the bag and drizzle onto the cake slice.

You can also use the melts to drizzle on the sides of your decorated cakes as well.

Click here to see a simple video tutorial on how to drizzle colour melts on a slice of cake.

Tips on using colour melts:

* When microwaving the colour melts; ensure that they have completely melted before using - some small lumps might be left if you don't fully melt them.

* Once heated; the melts have a thick consistency that doesn't always drizzle properly, just add a teaspoon or two of some vegetable oil to get a thin, consistent drizzle to use. This is especially necessary when dipping cake pops or drizzling on cake or cake slices.

Make sure to try out different coloured melts; you'll definitely have fun decorating your cakes and cupcakes.

Have you tried the Colour melts yet? If so, please share your experience below and what color you used ^_^

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