6 Essential Cake Decoration Tools for A Baker Starting Out

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If you’re new in the baking world; or if you’re a baker who hasn’t explored your skill in cake decoration, this post is for you. A list on basic cake decoration tools you'll require to get started in cake decoration.

If you’re new in the baking world; or if you’re a baker who hasn’t explored your skill in cake decoration, this post is for you.

When starting out in cake decoration, there are a few tools you need in your kitchen in order to practice decorating beautiful cakes to the best of your ability. I will state the top 6 important cake decoration tools you’ll need and how to use them.

Mixing Bowls

In order to create the type of cake decoration you will be applying on the cake, eg. Buttercream or Cream frosting; you will require mixing bowls. This is where you mix and whip your frosting into before you start decorating. Make sure you have a set of small, medium and large bowls for all your needs.


This is a very important piece of equipment when it comes to mixing; this is what helps you beat, whip or whisk your frosting vigorously until it is of your preferred texture. You can get one medium size and you can choose to add another larger size in case you have to make large quantities of frostings.

Icing Spatula/Palette Knife

This tool is used to apply icing/frosting on your cake while decorating. They come in different sizes and varieties. There are straight and off-set palette knives available , from small to large sizes. Off-set icing spatulas are perfect for frosting the top of a cake without mishaps or for filling the middle of a cake. You can also use the straight icing spatulas for frosting both the top side of a cake. Click here for icing spatulas

Cake Turn-table

Having a cake turn-table is also essential over time for quick and efficient cake decoration. The turn-table makes frosting/icing application easier especially since you’re able to turn your cake quickly as you decorate. It is a must in any cake-decorators kitchen for complete efficiency.  Click here for turn-tables.

Icing Bag and Nozzles Set

I will group these two items together; since they mostly come in sets. These are very important tools to have in your kitchen for piping borders and writing on cakes as well. You can buy them separately; however, the best way is to purchase a set that comes with the icing/piping bag, coupler and nozzles set. Click here to see options for icing bag andnozzle sets.

Happy decorating!

Have you seen a certain decorating tool that you’re not sure how it works? Feel free to ask and comment below and we’ll feature it in one of our next posts.

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