Super Veg Vanilla Cake Mix

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This complete mix has been specially developed for the vegetarian market providing convenience in preparing different types of egg-free applications such as cup cakes, loaf cakes, muffins etc
Keeping pace with consumer trends, this premix enables you to take less time and less stock management. Also increases efficiency and less recipe errors when scaling
INGREDIENTS: wheat flour, sugar, Milk solids, Wheat starch, Emulsifiers, Raising agents, Dextrose, Stabilizer, Salt, Flavouring(Vanilla)
Contains: Wheat and milk ingredients
Recipe1: Super Veg Vanilla 1000gms, Water 500g, Oil 100g
Mis Super Veg Vanilla and Water at Speed 1 (Low Speed) - 1 min
Scrape and mix at speed 3 (High Speed) - 5 mins
Scrape and add oil at speed 1 (Low Speed for 1 min
Bake at 180 degrees C for 30-35 mins

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