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Excellent quality cake baking tins and pans which are made from food grade tin material with strong reinforcement for long life cake baking tins and pans.

•    Easily washable.
•    Suitable for professional and new bakers and ideal for home baking.
•    Even heat distribution for throughout baking and even cake rising.
•    Good value for money.
•    Low postage and huge savings with combine postage especially for International Buyers
Fantastic International postage rates.

Baking: Most of the cake makers and decorators have different formulations and variation in ingredients they use to make their cake batter. This variation does effect the baking of the cake under certain temperatures. Our advice to the cake makers and decorators is to play around with different temperatures in the oven and different cake batter recipes to make the best use of the baking tins and pans. We can only give general advice.
•    Preheat the oven to 180°C / 350°F / gas 4.
•    Always advisable to use Heating Cores for the larger or deeper cakes.
•    Use the butter or release spray to grease the tin or pan before baking.
•    When baking – the side part and bottom of the cake bakes first and the middle part in the later stage .Grease paper lining inside or baking strip lining on the outside of the tin or pan is always advisable if the baking is prolonged for any reason – this extra lining will reduce burning or drying of the side and bottom of the cake.
•    Leave the cake to cool down for 10 minutes before release
•    Use Oven gloves when handling the baking tins or pans.

Washing and Storing:You will find a light dusty white powder (non-hazardous) on the surface of the baking tin or pan when it was first delivered. This is there for a reason and needs to be washed off.Always advisable to wash the baking tins or pans using sponge, light soapy water or washing liquid (Not dishwasher safe). After used and washed dry it with the clean cloth and it will be a good idea to place it in the oven which still has some heat left after the baking. This way the cake baking tin and pan is dried completely. Store it in the dry place.

Scratches: All our cake baking tins and pans are made using the hand crafted metal folding technique. The metal folding technique requires a combination of hand crafted skills along with machine tooling. Due to this process you will observe minor scratches on the surface of the baking tins and pans. However these scratches are so minor on the surface that they will not affect the baking of cake in any form.

Leaking: Most of the customers will get panic after observing water leaking or seeping from the cake baking tins and pans pinhole folded corners or folding joints while washing them. Our advice is not to get panic. Water is not the right test for checking the leaks. Water is thin in consistency and will definitely leak or at least seep. The right test is the cake batter itself which is very thick in consistency and when the cake baking tins or pans with batter poured in is placed inside the preheated oven the batter will start to bake straight away locking the seeping folding corners of the tin or pan rather than tend to leak. However it’s always advisable to place the Cake baking tin or pan on the baking tray and then place it in the oven for baking. These have many technical advantages.

  • Includes two 6-inch diameter half-ball aluminum pans and metal baking stands

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