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Cake Wrappers

Discover our Exquisite Collection of Cake and Treat Wrappers

At TopServe Limited, your trusted destination for premium cake decorating accessories and baking supplies in Kenya, we are delighted to offer an extensive assortment of cake and treat wrappers in various types and styles. Whether you're looking to add a touch of elegance to your cupcakes or present your chocolates with sophistication, our diverse product categories have got you covered. Explore our exclusive range:

Cupcake Cases:

  • 11.5cm Flowered Colourful Cupcake Cases (100 pcs): Add a burst of color to your cupcakes.
  • 110mm White Cupcake Cases (1000 pcs): A classic choice for elegant presentations.
  • 110mm White Cupcake Cases (100 pcs): Perfect for small gatherings and events.
  • 125mm Gold Paper Cup (25 pcs): Elevate your cupcakes with a touch of gold.
  • 125mm Paper Cup Round (50 pcs): A stylish option for presenting your creations.
  • 125mm Silver Paper Cup (25 pcs): Enhance your cupcakes with a silver sheen.
  • 125mm White Cupcake Cases (1000 pcs): Classic white for a clean look.
  • 125mm White Cupcake Cases (100 pcs): Ideal for smaller batches.
  • 85mm Paper Cup Round (50 pcs): Versatile cups for various treats.

Specialized Wrappers and Accessories:

  • 12 pc Ramadhan Stickers: Perfect for special occasions and celebrations.
  • 12 x 5cm Round Hotpack: For secure packaging of treats.
  • 12cm by 25m Acetate Paper Roll: Versatile for various wrapper styles.
  • Chocolate Transfer Sheet (1 pc): Elevate your chocolates with intricate designs.
  • Grease Proof Liners (12 pcs and 4 pcs): Keep your treats fresh.
  • Grease Proof Rim: An essential addition to prevent leakage.
  • Sell By Date Sealer and Tapes (Set of 31 pcs): Ensure freshness and quality control.
  • Twist Ties: Perfect for sealing treat bags securely.

Chocolate Wrappers:

  • Blue, Brown, Gold, Green, Hot Pink, Purple, Red, Rose Pink, and Silver Chocolate Wrappers (10x10cm, 100 pcs each): Make your chocolates look as good as they taste.

Muffin Tulip Wrappers:

  • 15 x 15 x 5cm Brown Tulips (200 pcs)
  • 15 x 15 x 5cm White Tulips (200 pcs): Enhance your muffins and cupcakes.

Special Occasion Stickers:

  • Happy Valentine's Day Sticker Roll
  • Thank You for Your Business Sticker Roll
  • Thank You for Your Order Sticker Roll
  • Thank You, Sticker Roll,
  • 1" Baked with Love Sticker Roll
  • 1" Hand Made with Love Sticker Roll
  • 1" Happy Birthday Sticker Roll
  • 1" Smiley Face Sticker Roll
  • 1" Thank You for Your Order Sticker Roll
  • 1" Thank You for Your Support Sticker Roll

Other Supplies:

  • 200 x 65 x 50mm Rectangular Hotpack Loaf Mould: Perfect for your loaf cakes.
  • 300m Cling Film Stat Wrap: Secure and preserve your treats.
  • 30cm x 30m Cling Film: Convenient for various packaging needs.
  • 45cm x 5m Statwrap Foil: Ideal for wrapping and preserving.
  • 500pcs 10cm Colorful Cupcakes and 500pcs 12cm Colorful Cupcakes: A pop of color for your cupcakes.
  • 60mm Candy Truffle Cups: Showcase your candies with style.

At TopServe Limited, we understand the importance of presentation, and our wrappers and accessories are designed to help you make a statement with your treats. Whether you're in Nakuru County, Meru County, Bungoma County, Eldoret County, Kisumu County, Kisii County, or Nairobi County, we have everything you need to elevate your confectionery creations. Elevate your treat presentations with TopServe Limited today!

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