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Plastic Cake Containers

Discover the Perfect Plastic Cake Packaging Materials at TopServe Limited

TopServe Limited is your one-stop destination for all your cake decorating accessories and baking supplies in Kenya. With branches spanning seven counties, including Nakuru, Meru, Bungoma, Eldoret, Kisumu, Kisii, and two branches in Nairobi County, we bring quality and variety to your doorstep.

Explore our extensive range of plastic cake packaging materials to find the ideal options for your needs:

Clear Plastic Containers:
-85mm Clear Plastic Container: A versatile choice for packaging various baked goods.
-110mm Clear Plastic Cupcake Container (12 Cup): Ideal for cupcakes, ensuring they stay fresh and presentable.
-110mm Clear Plastic Cupcake Container (24 Cup): Perfect for larger cupcake quantities.
-125mm Clear Plastic Cupcake Container (4 Cup): A secure and spacious container for your cupcakes.
-110mm Clear Plastic Cupcake Container (6 Cup): A convenient option for half a dozen cupcakes.

Pastripac and Round Caddy Carriers:
- Pastripac Square Black Base + Clear Dome Lid: A stylish and practical choice for your cakes.
- 12'' Round Caddy Carrier: Ideal for transporting round cakes safely.
- D10'' X H4'' X 0.035mm Round Pastripac with Black Lid: A reliable container for your cake creations.

Single Cup Clear Plastic Cupcake Holder: Ensure the safe and attractive presentation of individual cupcakes.

Square Pastripac with Black Lid:
- 4'' X 4'' X 2'' X 0.035mm: A compact and secure container for various baked goods.

Techpak Containers:
- 500cc Techpak Container: Versatile and spacious for your food packaging needs.
- 750cc Techpak Container: A larger option for bulk packaging and storage.

At TopServe Limited, we understand the importance of preserving the freshness and presentation of your cakes and baked goods. Our range of plastic cake packaging materials ensures that your creations reach your customers or guests in perfect condition.

Choose from our variety of options to find the perfect plastic cake packaging materials for your business or personal use. Elevate your cake presentation with TopServe Limited's quality products.


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