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Welcome to TopServe Limited, your ultimate destination for cake-decorating accessories and baking supplies in Kenya! With a presence that spans 7 counties, including Nakuru County, Meru County, Bungoma County, Eldoret County, Kisumu County, and Kisii County, and boasting 2 branches in Nairobi County, we're your go-to source for all your baking and decorating needs.

Introducing our exquisite collection of Cake Decorating Candles, designed to illuminate your celebrations with a touch of magic and elegance. Whether you're celebrating birthdays, weddings, baby showers, or any special occasion, our wide range of candles adds the perfect finishing touch to your baked creations.

Embrace the artistry of numbers with our Crown Number Candles, available from 0 to 9, each meticulously crafted to add a regal charm to your cakes. For a dynamic touch, explore our Candle No series with springs, including Candle No 0 with Spring, Candle No 6 with Spring, and more.

Highlight your milestones with our dazzling Gold Number Sparklers, including options like No 0, No 1, No 8, and No 9, designed to bring a radiant sparkle to your celebrations. Infuse a playful spirit with our Pack of 5 Fancy Candles featuring Frozen Characters, Happy Birthday with Giraffe, Heroes Characters, Sofia and Friends, Sunflower, and more.

Elevate your events with our LED Candle Happy Birthday Letters, ensuring your wishes shine brightly. From the enchanting Pack of 10 Candle Magical Relight to the whimsy of Musical Candles, we have the perfect surprises to make your moments memorable.

Our collection extends to captivating themes such as Love, Ninja Turtle, and Bikini candles, along with the elegance of Pack of 5 Fancy Candle Baby Shower, Gift Candle, and more. Explore the magic of Colored Flame Birthday Candles, where every flicker is a burst of vibrant celebration.

Whether you're located in Nakuru, Meru, Bungoma, Eldoret, Kisumu, Kisii, or Nairobi County, TopServe Limited is your trusted partner in bringing your cake creations to life. As you explore our range of Cake Decorating Candles, let the warm glow of celebration light up your occasions and fill them with joy.


Cake Decorating Cake Toppers, curated to elevate your cake designs to new heights. From elegant tiaras to whimsical figurines, our collection offers a diverse range to suit every occasion, theme, and celebration.

For your princess-themed parties, explore our enchanting array of tiaras, including the Birthday Girl Tiara in Pink, Sofia Tiara in Silver, and Princess Tiara in Blue. Dive into the magic with our Frozen Tiara, and add a touch of glamour with the Happy Birthday Tiara in Gold. Discover the Silver Plain Tiara 02, Elena of Avalor Tiara, Barbie Tiara, and the exquisite Bride to Be Tiara with Veil.

Step into a world of imagination with our doll toppers. Choose from Anna Dolls, 1PC Barbie Dolls in Polythene, Elsa Dolls, and more, each adding a touch of character to your creations. From black-haired beauties to blonde-haired dolls, our collection caters to various styles.

Add a touch of opulence with our Edible Gold and Silver Leaf Transfer Sheets from Sugarflair. Crafted to perfection, these 24 Carat Gold and Silver Leaf Transfer Sheets are 100% edible, perfect for creating luxurious decorations.

Explore our Sphere Cake Toppers in various colors such as Black, Red, Silver, Glitter Silver, Glitter Red, Glitter Gold, White, Yellow, Glitter White, Blue, Glitter Black, Glitter Blue, Glitter Green, Glitter Pink, Turquoise, and Brown. These toppers infuse vibrancy and charm into your creations.

Embrace the world of beloved characters with our figurine toppers, including LOL Surprise Doll Figurines, Sofia the First, Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, and many more. Our Football Soccer Toppers are perfect for sports-themed celebrations.

Whether it's a princess, superhero, or fairytale theme, our Cake Decorating Cake Toppers offer a universe of options. From magical Avengers to adorable Baby Booties and intricate Edible Sugar Lace, our collection caters to every cake decorator's dream.

Ready-Made and Customized Cake Decorating Cake Toppers.

Cardstock Paper Toppers is designed to transform your cakes into works of art that truly resonate with your celebrations and themes. Each topper is crafted with precision and care, ensuring that your cake designs are not just desserts but unforgettable experiences.

From birthdays to special occasions, we've got a topper for every moment. Explore our range of A5 Cardstock Happy Birthday Paper Toppers that radiate joy and festivity. Delight in the whimsical charm of A5 Cardstock Paper Toppers featuring beloved characters like Cocomelon, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, SpongeBob, and Sofia. Embrace the graduation season with our Graduation Cardstock Toppers, while our Ramadhan Cardstock Paper Toppers bring an air of reverence and celebration to the table.

For those who seek something unique and personalized, our Customized A4 Cardstock Paper Toppers allow you to add a personal touch to your cakes. Whether it's a beloved character, a cherished memory, or a heartfelt message, our customized toppers reflect your distinct style and sentiment.

Elevate your celebrations with our A4 Cardstock Paper Toppers that include captivating themes such as Easter, Baby Shark, Boss Baby, Mickey Mouse, Superman, and more. The Eid Mubarak Cardstock Paper Topper is perfect for embracing the spirit of festivity during special religious occasions.

Dive into the world of superheroes with A4 Cardstock Paper Toppers featuring Batman, Spiderman, PJ Masks, and Disney Princesses. Our round Happy Birthday Paper Topper adds a touch of elegance to your cakes.

Discover our convenient A5 Cardstock Paper Topper Packs that offer an array of designs in a single bundle, making your cake decorating journey a breeze. From SpongeBob to Father's Day, our collection of A5 Paper Toppers caters to a multitude of themes and celebrations.


Ready-Made and Customized Cake Decorating Acrylic Cake Toppers.

Step into a world where every cake becomes a canvas, and each celebration becomes a masterpiece. Our curated selection of Cake Toppers exudes sophistication and charm, elevating your confections to celestial heights. From jubilant birthdays to poignant milestones, our toppers cater to every occasion with unparalleled finesse.

Delve into the intricacies of our range, featuring remarkable pieces such as the Black Acrylic Graduation Topper "Finally Done," a triumphant proclamation of achievement. Explore the reflective elegance of Black Acrylic Toppers with Mirror Gold Double Layer, where the words "Happy Birthday" shimmer in an aura of opulence. Unveil the ethereal charm of the Mirror Red Acrylic Eid Mubarak Topper, a radiant embodiment of festivity.

Immerse yourself in the divine intricacies of Rose Gold Acrylic Baby Shower Toppers, tenderly declaring "It's a Girl" and "It's a Boy." Celebrate love with the Rose Gold Acrylic Anniversary Topper, an emblem of timeless commitment. Delight in the elegance of the Silver Glitter Acrylic Father's Day Topper, resonating with paternal admiration.

For those seeking a personal touch, our Customized Acrylic Toppers offer a canvas for your imagination. Transform your cakes into poetic stories with the Customized Gold Mirror Acrylic Topper, a manifestation of your unique vision.

Discover the joy of numbers with our Black Acrylic Number Toppers, each symbolizing a cherished moment. Dive into the realm of holidays with the Mirror Pink Acrylic Happy Easter Topper, an ode to rebirth and celebration. Embrace tradition with the Green Acrylic Ramadhan Topper, a beacon of devotion.

Envision your dreams with the Gold Glitter Acrylic Women's Day Topper, a tribute to empowerment. Welcome your loved ones home with the Gold Glitter Acrylic Welcome Home Topper, an emblem of warmth and hospitality. Immerse yourself in gratitude with the Gold Mirror Acrylic Thank You Topper, a symphony of appreciation.



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