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Baking sugars at TopServe Limited, your premier destination for all your baking needs. As a leading cake decorating accessories and baking supplies company in Kenya, we are proud to present an extensive range of high-quality baking sugars that cater to both retail and wholesale requirements. Prepare to embark on a delightful journey through a variety of sugars that promise to elevate your baking creations to new heights of sweetness and perfection.

Our curated collection boasts an impressive array of baking sugars sourced from renowned brands such as Clovers, KSL, KenAfric, Lakanto, and Zesta. Whether you're a professional pastry chef, a dedicated home baker, or a commercial establishment, our diverse range ensures that you have access to the finest sugars for your culinary masterpieces.

Delve into the world of brown sugars with options like Clovers Brown Sugar in both 1kg and 500g sizes, as well as KSL Brown Sugar in a convenient 1kg package. These rich and flavorful brown sugars are the perfect choice for imparting a warm caramelized essence to your baked goods, enhancing the depth of flavor in each delectable creation.

For those seeking the ideal sweetness for their confections, our selection of icing sugars is sure to entice. Discover the exceptional quality of KenAfric Icing Sugar, available in 15kg, 500g, and 5kg options, as well as KSL Icing Sugar in both 15kg and 500g sizes. These finely powdered sugars are expertly crafted to effortlessly dissolve and blend into your batters and frostings, resulting in a smooth and lusciously sweet finish that's sure to impress.

Lakanto Monkfruit Sweetener White Classic, presented in a 200g package, offers a unique alternative for those looking to add sweetness with a touch of natural elegance. Derived from the monk fruit, this sweetener provides a gentle and balanced sweetness that's perfect for health-conscious bakers and those looking for a sugar substitute without compromising on taste.

Experience the convenience of Zesta Icing Sugar and Caster Sugar, available in 15kg, 500g, and 5kg sizes, as well as Zesta Caster Sugar in a 500g presentation. These sugars are crafted to meet the highest standards of quality, ensuring consistent results in your baking endeavors.

As a leading cake decorating accessories and baking supplies company in Kenya, we take immense pride in offering an unparalleled assortment of high-quality cake food coloring products that will elevate your baking endeavors to new heights of creativity and excellence.

Our meticulously curated selection includes a comprehensive array of cake food colors from renowned brands such as Sugarflair, Pradip, Oshwal, and Americolor. Whether you're a professional baker looking to add that perfect finishing touch to your masterpiece or a baking enthusiast eager to experiment with vibrant hues, our product lineup has something for everyone.

Explore our mesmerizing collection of cake food colors, each carefully crafted to meet the diverse demands of the baking industry. Revel in the brilliance of shades such as Sugarflair Glitter Blue Airbrush Color, Glitter Royal Gold Airbrush Color, Glitter Yellow Airbrush Color, Glitter Pearl Ivory Airbrush Color, Glitter Silver Airbrush Color, Glitter Gold Airbrush Color, Glitter Antique Silver Airbrush Color, Glitter Black Airbrush Color, Glitter Pearl White Airbrush Color, and Glitter Golden Bronze Airbrush Color, all available in convenient 60ml sizes.

Dive into the world of Pradip Gel Food Colors, offering an impressive spectrum of shades including Apple Green, Chocolate Brown, Ponceau 4R, Purple, Forest Green, Orange, Black, Toffee Brown, Coral, Pink, Sky Blue, and more. These gel colors are expertly formulated to deliver exceptional vibrancy and ease of use in your creations.

Discover the versatility of powder food colors from Pradip and Oshwal, presenting a vast array of classic and vibrant shades to suit your every baking need. From Egg Yellow and Raspberry Red to Bright Yellow and beyond, our collection ensures your cakes and confections will boast an unmatched color brilliance.

Enrich your creative palette with Americolor Soft Gel Paste, available in an assortment of vivid shades that include Sky Blue, Lemon Yellow, Super Black, Egg Yellow, Gold, Royal Blue, Chocolate Brown, Bright White, and many more. These soft gel pastes are perfect for achieving precise and vibrant colorations with ease.

Take your designs to the next level with Sugarflair's Spectral Paste range, featuring a captivating variety of shades including Rose Pink, Hot Pink, Burgundy, Royal Blue, Baby Blue, Turquoise, Dark Brown, Claret, Deep Purple, Melon, Pink, Caramel/Ivory, and more. These spectral pastes offer a concentrated and vivid coloring experience that's perfect for intricate detailing.

Elevate your cakes with the lustrous charm of Sugarflair's Edible Lustre Dusts, available in an array of captivating shades like Pearl, Twinkle Pink, Royal Gold, Satin Red, Snowflake, and beyond. Our collection ensures that your creations shimmer and shine with elegance and brilliance.

TopServe Limited is your trusted partner in the world of cake food colors. Our commitment to excellence, quality, and innovation shines through in every product we offer. Whether you're a professional baker, a baking enthusiast, or a commercial business, our extensive selection of cake food colors is designed to inspire your culinary artistry and help you create stunning confections that leave a lasting impression. Explore our range today and experience the magic of color in baking like never before.

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