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Welcome to Topserve LTD, your ultimate destination for a comprehensive and top-quality selection of kitchenware and baking accessories. With seven branches strategically located in Nakuru, Eldoret, Kisii, Kisumu, Bungoma, Meru and Nairobi – Accra road branch and Kimathi Street branch, we take pride in offering a wide array of essential items that cater to every facet of your baking journey. Explore our extensive product categories to enhance your baking and kitchen experiences:

  1. Cake Cutting and Decorating Knives:
    • Palette Knives: Crafted for precision and versatility, our palette knives are perfect for creating smooth, professional-looking cake surfaces.
    • Serrated Knives: Achieve clean and even cake layers with our serrated knives, ensuring a flawless foundation for your creative decorations.
    • Xacto Knife: Ideal for intricate cake detailing and precise cutting, our Xacto knife is a must-have tool for every decorator.
    • Pizza Cutter: Not just for pizza! Use our pizza cutter to slice through fondant and other cake coverings effortlessly.
  2. Cake Serving & Presentation:
    • Wedding Server Sets: Elevate your special occasions with our elegant wedding server sets, adding a touch of sophistication to cake cutting ceremonies.
    • Cake Ruler: Ensure uniform cake portions with precision using our cake ruler, making serving a piece of cake.
    • Doughnut Cutters: Create perfect doughnuts effortlessly with our range of doughnut cutters.
    • Wine Glasses: Make a statement with wine glasses designed for creative dessert presentations.
  3. Kitchenware:
    • Mixing Bowls: Our mixing bowls are designed for durability and convenience, making mixing and preparation a breeze.
    • Scoops: Portion control made easy with our scoops, perfect for consistent cookie and cupcake batter measurements.
    • Flour Sieves: Achieve smooth, lump-free flour with our flour sieves, essential for baking success.
    • Rolling Pins: Roll out your dough with ease using our high-quality rolling pins.
    • Dowel Rods, Skewers, Straws: Essential supports for tiered cakes and cake structure stability.
    • Whisks and Spatulas: Our whisks and spatulas ensure efficient mixing and smooth cake decorating.
  4. Baking Essentials:
    • Cookie Gun: Create delightful cookies with intricate designs effortlessly using our cookie gun.
    • Cooling Racks: Achieve even cooling and prevent soggy bottoms with our sturdy cooling racks.
    • Brushes: Perfect for applying glazes, washes, edible colors, egg washes, and more with precision.
    • Baker's Beginners Kit: Get started with confidence using our comprehensive beginner's kit. Ideal for those new to baking, featuring essential baking tools and guides.
    • Steamer: Achieve a polished finish on your cakes with our steamer.
    • Egg White Separators, Gloves, Hairnets: Essential hygiene and convenience tools for baking.
    • Measuring Cups and Spoons: Ensure accurate ingredient measurements with our reliable measuring tools.
  5. Whipping and Buttercream Accessories:
    • Couplers: Effortlessly switch between decorating tips with our couplers.
    • Cake Decorating Nozzles: Create intricate designs and patterns with our wide range of decorating nozzles.
    • Scrapers and Smoothers: Achieve smooth and polished cake surfaces with our scrapers and smoothers.
    • Piping Bags: Our durable piping bags are perfect for creative cake decorating.
    • Infusers, Deco Pens: Add flavor and decorative details to your creations.
    • Organizer: Keep your decorating tools neat and organized with our handy organizer.
    • Cake Levelers: Ensure even cake layers for professional-looking results.
    • Dripping Bottle: Perfect for controlled icing and glaze application.

At Topserve LTD, we are committed to providing top-notch kitchenware and baking accessories that empower you to unleash your creativity in the kitchen or bakery. Our products are designed to make your baking journey enjoyable and successful. Elevate your culinary endeavors with Topserve LTD!

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