Edible Printer A4 Full Package

  • Brand: Topserve
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Ksh 55,000.00

This item contains

  1. A brand new A4 Canon Printer
  2. A full set of edible ink cartridges
  3. A pack of A4 size edible/icing  Sheets. - 25 Pcs

We offer the best quality inks for your cake and edible ink requirements, producing beautiful prints for cake decorators and bakeries. 

Print with edible inks for cake decoration.

Comes with instructions on how to use it  and we have a team to guide you how to use it as well as support service.Kndly call us on +254726924788

This is the perfect starter bundle for someone just getting into cake printing and a pro cake printer and decorator, this would be a nice new printer set to supplement your operation.

It’s IMPORTANT that you DO NOT MIX regular inks with edible inks. Edible inks (food coloring) are intended to be used only in brand new compatible refillable ink cartridges that are filled only with edible ink. 

NOT to be used with regular ink cartridge for use with edible printing

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